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  • Gigi comes back to Broadway this month.
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The musical Gigi, a re-imaged version of the original 1973 Tony Award winning musical, is the story of a teenage girl living in Paris as the 19th century turns towards the 20th. With book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe, Gigi includes numerous memorable songs, including “Thank Heaven for Little Girls,” “I Remember It Well” and “The Night They Invented Champagne.”

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  • Preview: Mar 19. 2015 Open: Apr. 8, 2015 Closing: June 21, 2015
  • 1958 Newsreel: Premiere of Musical Film Gigi on Broadway
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    Gigi Vanessa Hudgens Mamita Alvarez Victoria Clark Aunt Alicia Dee Hoty


    Book and Lyrics Alan Jay Lerner Music Frederick Loewe Director Eric Schaeffer

    Gigi returns to Broadway after more than 40 years for its first major revival. This version is based on the 1944 novella by Collette and the 1958 movie musical by Lerner and Lowe, which won nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture. The production is directed by Eric Schaeffer and the musical is being adapted by Heidi Thomas. Gigi is the story of a precocious and free-spirited teenage girl who has been sent by her family to live in Paris. She is forced to follow family traditions and this family’s includes generations of their young women being taught to be high-society courtesans. This is why Gigi is in Paris. However, the girl is totally bewildered by the whole thing. She finds solace in her friendship with Gaston, a wealthy playboy and a friend of the family, who suffers from ennui. The plot intensifies when Gaston and Gigi realize that they have fallen in love. Gigi stars Vanessa Hudgens, an actress and singer, who is best known for her work in the High School Musical series.
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