Fool for Love

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In Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love, May and Eddie, two former lovers, play an intense psychological, sexual, and physical game that runs the gamut of emotions. Isolated, waiting, and wanting, they rip into one another searching for meaning in their relationship.

Arthur Miller's The Crucible
Spring Awakening
  • Preview: Sep. 15, 2015 Open: Oct. 8, 2015 Closed: Dec 13, 2015
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    May Nina Arianda Eddie Sam Rockwell


    Written by Sam Shepard Director Daniel Aukin

    Set in a rundown motel in the Mojave Desert. Fool for Love offers us a glimpse of two complex characters, former lovers whose paths cross again. May has found someone else. Eddie desperately wants May back. The character of the Old Man, who is like a shadowed memory, speaks independently to both characters. He is the father of May and Eddie and has led a double life that has caused confusion, distrust, and uncontrolled emotions in the personages of Eddie and May. Fool for Love is a riveting play of charged emotions and revelatory surprises.
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